Pike on the fly.

Eye to eye with trophy pike

The best northern pike fishing story from Pine Island Lodge over the last few years has to be the guest who was haunted by a giant pike for an entire winter.

He said at first it just sat there and he believed he was snagged; then it moved a bit and he was sure he was snagged on a branch. He gave his line a couple of tugs to try to free the lure. Lucky for him he failed to dislodge it. Instead, he woke up the pike gripping his Rapala x-rap in its jaws.

Now, to cut a long fight short, when he gets the pike boat-side, it stared him straight in the eye. One violent headshake later, he was gone.

His buddy and the guide all agreed they'd never seen a pike that big. Guestimates were over 50-inches.

But this isn't the story of a fish that got away. This is the story of a fish that haunted an angler for an entire winter! He'd be sitting at work and suddenly feel those eyes staring at him. He'd see them in his sleep.

When he arived at Pine Island the next season, first thing he did was head right back to the bay to hunt for the fish that haunted his thoughts. Before too long, something huge burst out of the water taking a swipe at his swim bait.

Now we can't confirm that it was the same pike, but he swears he recognized him by the look in his eyes.

He caught some big pike on that trip, but it looks like the eyes of the giant will haunt him forever.

Serious pike at Pine Island Lodge.