Proudly Family Owned & Operated Since Day One

Gerry and I were young kids on an adventure that early spring day in 1949 when we motored east up the Winnipeg River. Shouting over the rattle and roar of a boat motor that only he could start and keep running, Dad entertained us with stories of the river's history.

We scouted a lot of spots before we arrived at the island. Dad steered the boat into the bay that would become our landing. Then, as we stood on the shore the sun broke through the trees, Dad smiled and proclaimed that this was the spot where he would build his fishing camp. Not just for the beauty of the island, but because Pine Island Lodge is located at a strategic position on the Winnipeg River that offers the best access to our famous walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing. You can also cast for sauger, perch, mooneye and whitefish. Then there are the lake sturgeon, reaching weights over 100 pounds!

We hosted out first anglers in 1950. Now, we're celebrating over 60-years of friends, family, fun and fishing. My dad’s dream, the angler’s paradise of Pine Island Lodge, is our family’s passion. One we're proud to share with you, your family, friends and co-workers.

Brian Burgess